Ecoriginal Line

linea ecoriginal

Exclusive Pricing Equipment

Weekly availability of equipment, at exclusive prices, with a lifecycle exceeding 90% of its useful life, and all parts and services completely original.
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What is Ecoriginal?

It’s our new line of equipment with very low page counts. They have a 90% useful life. All consumables and parts of the equipment are original. Technical issues equivalent to new equipment. Packaging with the same rigor and quality as the manufacturers.

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Production Process

  • Selection of equipment based on copy count, condition, and appearance
  • Quality testing
  • Comprehensive cleaning (internal and external)
  • Analysis and verification of all equipment components
  • Packaging
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Limited Stock

The varying technical and aesthetic requirements mean that not all equipment can be included in the Ecoriginal line.

Every Monday, the stock of equipment prepared in the previous week will be sent out. Every Friday, the machines that remain unsold will be listed on the website with a 20% discount (payment through the website).

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