Technical Support

Hardware and Software Technical Support

At Tricopiers Internacional, we offer specialized technical support for printing systems and computer systems, providing peace of mind and solutions to any issues that may arise with both computer equipment and software systems.

We have a highly qualified and experienced technical department at your disposal. Our maintenance service not only advises you on everything you need, but also provides assistance with both functional and technical matters.

Printing Systems Service

Our technical department efficiently installs and maintains all multifunctional equipment.

It is comprised of a team of qualified professionals with extensive experience who will provide you with the most comprehensive maintenance service for the equipment.

They are coordinated by the Customer Service Center, which receives service requests both by phone and online, and processes their resolution within an optimal response time.

IT Systems Service

At Tricopiers, we offer two types of IT maintenance services. The first is on-site maintenance, where a technician travels to the location of the equipment. The second is remote maintenance through our helpdesk, where technicians resolve issues remotely from our facilities.

Both options are complementary and will be adjusted to meet the specific needs required at any given time.

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