Photocopier rental

Photocopier and Printer Rental Service

Our photocopier rental service offers you an efficient and cost-effective way to access quality equipment without compromising your budget.

Our service comes with added values such as personalized advice; we tailor solutions to fit each business, ensuring fair pricing.

Additionally, we provide specialized technical support, with professionals trained in all solutions. We offer immediate stock availability, guaranteeing speed and efficiency in all deliveries.

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Custom-designed solution for your company

Photocopier Rental for Your Company

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Cutting-edge Technology

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Technical Service

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Customized Financing

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60-Month Warranty

Photocopier and Printer Rental

At Tricopiers International, we offer a photocopier rental service tailored to exactly what your business needs. We study each case completely personalized, thus offering a solution designed to the measure of each company. This way, you will pay for what your company really needs.

Our quote will include the most advantageous option, whether it’s purchase, leasing, or rental of photocopiers or printers.

We guarantee the best possible service through a specialized technical service in all the solutions we market. Likewise, we have immediate stock to guarantee our deliveries in record time.

Comprehensive 360º Solution

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Software-Defined Printing: Visual Print

Software-defined printing is an innovative solution that redefines the way we address printing needs in business environments. Visual Print emerges as an essential tool for optimizing print management and increasing operational efficiency.

By integrating and automating workflows, this software optimizes print job allocation and enables more effective resource management.

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Centralized Management

Visual Print centralizes control of all printers and printing devices on your network. You can monitor, supervise, and manage all printing activities from a single location.

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Intelligent Job Allocation

The software automatically assigns print jobs to the most suitable printers based on criteria such as document type, job size, and physical location. It reduces wait times.

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Waste Reduction

It allows you to establish printing policies, such as default double-sided printing or limiting color prints. This reduces paper and ink consumption, resulting in a lower environmental impact and cost savings.

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Secure Access

User authentication and print release at the device ensure that printed documents are only released by authorized users.

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Reports and Analysis

Detailed reports on printer usage, allowing you to better understand printing patterns and make informed decisions about resource management.

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Time Saving

Workflow automation and optimized print job allocation save time and reduce operational costs, improving overall efficiency of the company.

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