Second cycle teams

At Tricopiers Internacional, we supply equipment in various categories, covering both the field of new equipment and second-hand or refurbished equipment.

Thanks to Tricopiers’ alliance with several European brands, our warehouse receives an average of 2,000 units per month, which are meticulously inspected by our technical department before being delivered to our customers both nationally and internationally.

Moreover, our technical department provides advice to our customers on any functional or technical issues that may arise.

We offer facilities spanning 3,000m² where we accumulate an average of 2,000 units from various brands and models, which are tracked from their arrival at our premises until their pre-delivery setup for our customers.

Remanufactured Equipment

Equipos de segundo ciclo
Equipos de segundo ciclo
Equipos de segundo ciclo
Equipos de segundo ciclo
Equipos de segundo ciclo

What are second-cycle equipment?

Our second-cycle equipment refers to high-quality photocopiers that have been previously used but are fully restored and refurbished by our expert technicians. These machines undergo a rigorous process of inspection, cleaning, and updating to ensure they function like new. They are a perfect option for businesses seeking a balance between performance, cost, and sustainability.

Why choose second-cycle equipment?

Significant Savings

By choosing second-cycle equipment, you can save significantly compared to purchasing new equipment. This allows allocating resources to other critical areas of the business.

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Reliable Technology

Our reconditioned equipment remains of high quality and offers advanced features to meet your printing needs.

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Environmental Sustainability

By giving a second life to existing equipment, you contribute to the global effort to reduce electronic waste. Opting for second-cycle equipment is the best choice for the environment.

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Support and Warranty

We stand behind the quality of our second-cycle equipment with full technical support and warranty. Our team is here to assist you in case of any issues.

Transform Your Workspace

Whether you run a startup, a small growing business, or an established organization, our equipment provides a solid solution for your printing needs. Maintain efficiency and quality without compromising your budget. Explore our range of options and discover how you can transform your workspace with top-notch equipment.

At Tricopiers Internacional, we offer flexible options that cater to the diverse demands of businesses. Elevate your printing standards without raising your costs—that’s the promise of our Second-Cycle Equipment.

Reduce Your Company’s Costs

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